4amp Car Supply / Switch


4amp peak car supply with one USB-C and one USB-A port (will update photos, no longer making these with a second USB-A). Voltage output is set to 5.2V. Works with all versions of the Pi including the latest Pi 4. The circuit senses your ignition and safely shuts down the Pi when your car turns off. When the ignition is switched on again it then boots up the Pi. The unit communicates with the Pi over two GPIO wires and uses an easy to install Linux script on the Pi. You must wire the unit to your battery and switched 12V source (ignition). Comes with 12inches of ground and power wire (18gauge). Input voltage rage 4.5 to 18volts.

  • 4 amp current output
  • 5.15V output
  • USB-C port for Pi 4.
  • One USB-A port for other versions of Pi.
  • Circuit dimensions: approx 2inches x 2inches

Shipping in US:

  • USPS First-class: $3 (free for orders over $40)
  • USPS Priority mail: $7

Shipping outside US:

  • USPS First-class: $5 (free for orders over $50)
  • USPS ePacket: $8
  • Other express options available at checkout

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